Who Are We

CDF specialises in custom made furniture and has built a reputation for quality work since 1955, the year in which the late Mr. Christinu Darmanin founded CDF. With an ongoing commitment to quality passed on from father to son it is with a sense of pride that Pierre Darmanin carries on the family tradition and company name.

CDF’s products are specially custom made for our clients, ranging from high quality wardrobes to bespoke media centre’s and fitted cabinets of any type, as well as kitchens and other furniture that will not only turn your house into a home but also allow you to give your home a personal touch.

Mr. Pierre Darmanin is a qualified craftsman with a keen eye for detail; in CDF’s workshop situated in Msida, traditional methods are complimented by the use of latest technologies to manufacture custom made furniture. The use of latest technologies allows us to ensure timely delivery whilst adhering to the history of quality we have built over two generations and an endless list of satisfied clients.

Our service is fully tailored to our client’s needs, we will not only help you with the design of your furniture but also assist you in finding the best possible way to achieve your aims, from expert advice with regards to choice of woods that match your budget and needs, as well as assisting you in turning your vision into a reality. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you through this important investment in your home and future.

Do not hesitate to phone or contact us directly to schedule a time to meet. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Our Team